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An Introduction to the CLEP:

The College Board governs the College-Level Examination Program simply known as CLEP to offer students a chance to exhibit or show undergraduate-level understanding of the core subjects. Almost all the colleges and universities in the United States will reward qualifying scores on the CLEP examinations with college credit. It consists of 34 examinations in the present sequence, running the array from Psychology to Pre-calculus, from Spanish to computer applications and information systems. The exam of CLEP just cost $70 and acquires few hours to finish. If you are uncertain whether your university or college will accept the scores of CLEP in lieu of course-work, you must discuss with the on-line listings at the College Board site or contact the suitable admissions office or academic counselor.

The CLEP is governed all the way through the year at testing centers all over the world. This program of exams is specifically suggested for active military personnel who are looking to move towards a college degree while serving our country all over the world. The College Board has organized for the CLEP exams to be governed at United States military bases all over the world. Moreover, the exams are free to active duty members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Veterans of such military organizations might also be qualified for the compensation of CLEP fees from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Accomplish Your College ambitions with CLEP:

The knowledge you have expanded from your education and professional experiences can take you beyond you think.

By taking the CLEP examinations, motivated students like you are earning credit for what they already acquainted with and accelerating their academic careers.

CLEP can assist you:

  • Earn 3 to12 college credits.
  • Save tuition fees: $80 per exam
  • Graduate on time
  • Add suppleness to your degree program

Who Earns College Credit by means of CLEP?

  • Adults returning to the school.
  • Conventional-age college students.
  • High school students
  • Home-schooled students
  • Military service associates
  • Speakers of global languages search for to fulfill their language necessities.
  • International students who wish for to translate their abroad courses into credit at U.S. colleges
  • Candidates for master's degree programs searching to fulfill undergraduate basics.
  • Professionals wishing to go forward in their careers

What Your CLEP Score signifies?

In order to arrive at the net score you see on your score report, two computations are performed.

At first, your 'raw score' is computed. This is the number of questions you answered right. Your raw score rises by one point for each and every question answered right, and no points are credited or lost if a question is not answered or is answered wrongly.

Secondly, your raw score is transformed to a 'scaled score' by a statistical procedure termed equating. Equating sustains the uniformity of standards for test scores over time by adjusting for slight differences in complexity among test forms. This makes sure that your score doesn't base on the specific test form you took or how well others did on the similar form. Your raw score is transformed to a scaled score which ranges from 20, the lowest, to 80, the highest. The ultimate scaled score is the score which becomes visible on your score report.

Test scores are reserved on file for 20-years. Throughout this period, score reports might be sent to an institution, however only at the request of the candidate. A Transcript Request Form and instructions for sending a transcript to the institution can be downloaded from the CLEP site or obtained by contacting the CLEP.

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