Input Devices

Introduction to Input Devices - "How to tell it what to do"

For instance, mouse and keyboard are the standard way to interact with the computer. Other devices that are joysticks and game pads employed mainly for games.

The MOUSE Used to 'drive' Microsoft Windows

It is a point and click device. As you move the mouse beyond a surface, the mouse senses this movement either optically or mechanically. This sense is translated into the movement of a pointer on the screen. Functions are presented like icons on the screen. While you click on these by using a mouse button, the function is executed.

The KEYBOARD is yet the very common way of entering information in computer. The very much familiar input device is the keyboard. By using this device the users type the text directly into the computer. There are several layouts of the keyboard. The most significant are the language variations. For instance, the US (united state) and UK (United Kingdom) keyboards are fairly similar but are very dissimilar from the French keyboard.

Track Ball

TRACK BALLS is a substitute to the traditional mouse and frequently used through graphic designers. A trackball works like a type of overturned mouse. In the track ball the ball is on the top side of the object. Through rolling the ball you can move the pointer on the screen. Some keyboards contain an in-built trackball.


A scanner permits you to scan printed material or document and convert it into a file format which may be employed within the PC Scanners "digitize" printed material (such as photos and graphics) and save it to a graphic file format (such as GIF or .JPG) for show on the computer.

Touch pad

A device which lay on the desktop and reacts to pressure. A touchpad is a device which senses pressure to operate the pointer on the computer screen. It is usually a small square area under the keyboard. Like the user moves his or her finger on the touchpad, the pointer moves across the screen. Next to the pad are two buttons employed for clicking in precisely the similar way as those on a mouse.


Light pens are employed to permit users to point to areas across a screen. A light pen is a device that is sensitive to variations in patterns on a surface. Light pens work as a miniature scanner and capable to read the text as they are dragged on the printed page. This can be transferred directly to the present open document.


Several games need a joystick for the suitably playing of the game. A device which is well known for use in games to move objects on the screen is known as joystick. Though, it is also employed to control the movements in computerised industrial machines like lathes.

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