Simplified Database System and Illustration of Database with Conceptual Data Model

Simplified Database System Environment:

82_simplified database system.jpg

A DBMS (database management system) is a collection of programs that enables users to create and maintain database. The DBMS is a common purpose software system that facilitates the process of constructing, defining, manipulating and sharing databases among various users as well as applications. Defining a database state the database involves specifying the constraints, data types and structures of the data to be stored in the database. The descriptive information is as well stored in the database in the form database catalogue or dictionary- it is called meta-data.

Manipulating the data comprises the querying the database to retrieve the specific data.

An application program accesses the database through transferring the quarries or requests for data to DBMS.

The significant function provided by the DBMS includes protecting the database and maintain the database.

Illustration of a Database (with a Conceptual Data Model):

Mini-world for the example:

Component of a UNIVERSITY environment.

A few mini-world entities:

(Academic) DEPARTMENTs

Example of a Database (with a Conceptual Data Model):

Some mini-world relationships:

SECTIONs are of specific COURSEs
COURSEs have prerequisite COURSEs
COURSEs are offered by DEPARTMENTs

Example of a simple Database:

51_simple database.jpg

Example of a Student File:

303_example of student file.jpg

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