Water relations

Water relations:

Water is the most significant substance needed for the sustenance of life. The protoplasm that is the physical and chemical basis of life has 90 percent of water. Therefore the dispersion medium of the protoplasmic colloid is water. The water has a number of special properties by which it becomes the most appropriate medium for the organization of a variety of life's functions instead very easily. Absorbing of substances from the atmosphere, transporting these in and across the cells, mediating significant chemical reactions and accurately sustaining the shape and forms of organs to bring about their effectual functioning are all benefits, the protoplasm holds due to the existence of water in it. At molecular level water is the donor of electrons or hydrogen in photosynthesis and it is the end product in respiration. Therefore it is clear that any factor causing loss of water and ensuing coagulation of protoplasm will ultimately lead to death.

As far as plant cells are concerned to water absorption, photosynthesis is one of the most necessary activities. Therefore water relations in a plant cell are of bigger significance and form the fundamental procedure for the correct functioning of the plant cell.

A typical plant cell comprises of cell wall, a central large vacuole filled with an aqueous solution termed as cell sap, and the cytoplasm. Whenever a plant cell is subjected to movement of water, many factors begin operating and these will eventually determine, a property termed as water potential of the cell sap. This is the water potential which controls movement of water in and out of the cells.

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