Viruses and cancer

Viruses and cancer:

Cancer is an out of control and unorganized growth of cells causing malignant tumor. The cells of these tumours have the capacity to spread arbitrarily anywhere in the body. In current years, there has been rising evidence to confirm that the cancer is caused by DNA virus termed as Simian virus (SV-40) and a group of RNA viruses is termed as retroviruses. The cancer causing viruses are also termed as oncogenic viruses. It is now believed that certain viruses are included in sarcoma, leukemia, and some type of breast cancer too.

A new disease termed as SARS:

Severe Acute respiratory Syndrome (abbreviated as SARS) is a respiratory illness which has recently been reported in North America, South East Asia, and Europe.

It has formed panic among the people all over the world and has outcome in huge economic loss for many countries such as China, Singapore and so on.


It starts with high fever. The other symptoms involve discomfort, headache, and body aches. Patient might develop dry cough and include trouble in breathing.

How SARS spread:

It appears to spread from one person to another through contact especially with infectious material (for illustration respiratory secretions.)

The viruses which cause SARS are persistently changing their form that will make developing a vaccine hard. SARS is caused by a group of viruses termed as corona viruses that are enveloped viruses. Their genome is single stranded RNA. The nucleocapsid is helical. Such viruses contain petal shaped surface projections set in a fringe similar to a solar corona.


Figure: Human Corona Virus


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