Types of Prokaryotes

Types of Prokaryotes:

Prokaryotes are in return categorized into two main sub groups:

1) The Archae bacteria and
2) Eubacteria.

Cyanobacteria are comprised in the group of Eubacteria. The Cyanobacterial prokaryotes, generally termed as blue-green algae, are photosynthetic. In cyanobacterial cells, the photosynthetic, respiratory and genetic apparatuses are existed but not surrounded from each other by any bounding membrane of their own. No sharp boundaries split the cell into special areas. However, there are many cell components with characteristic fine structure. These are distributed all through the cell in patterns differing from species to species and as well in different developmental phases in similar species.

Such cyanobacterial cells contain elaborate photosynthetic membrane systems, composed of simple thylakoids and a central nucleoplasmic region that is generally granular or fibrillar or both. The cell also involves different kinds of granular inclusions, a rigid, some layered cell wall and a fibrous sheath over the cell wall. The characteristic combined properties of Cyanobacteria comprise chromatic adaptation, oxygenic photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation and a capacity for cellular differentiation by the formation of hormogonia, heterocysts, and akinetes.


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