Types of natural resources

Types of natural resources:

Natural resources are categorized in different manners that is, on the basis of chemical composition, accessibility and distribution.

A. Natural resources are of three kinds on the basis of their chemical composition:

i. Inorganic Resources. Example: air, water & minerals.
ii. Organic Resources. Example: animals and plants, micro-organisms and fossil fuels.
iii. Mixture of Inorganic and Organic Resources, example: soil.

B. Natural resources are of two kinds based on their accessibility and abundance:

i. Inexhaustible Resources:

They are not likely to be exhausted by man’s utilization. They are clay, air, sand, tidal energy and so on. However the air is accessible in exhaustible quantity, it can be degraded, when its pollution is not properly checked.

ii. Exhaustible Resources:

They are likely to be exhausted by human utilizations. They are further of two kinds: renewable and non-renewable.

a. Renewable Resources:
They contain inherent capacity to recur or replenish themselves by rapid recycling, reproduction and substitute in a reasonable time.  Soil and living organisms are the major renewable resources.

b. Non- Renewable Resources:

They lack the capability for recycling and substitution. The substances with a very long recycling time are too regarded as non-renewable resource example: fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and minerals.

It is significant to note that underground water, forests and wild life are observed renewable resources however become non-renewable, when they are not properly used.

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