Structure of fungi

Structure of fungi:

The body structure of fungi is exclusive. The somatic body of the fungus is unicellular or coenocytic or multi-cellular. Whenever multi-cellular it is composed of profusely branched delicate, interwoven, thread like structures termed as hyphae, the entire mass collectively termed as mycelium. The hyphae are not classified into true cells. Rather the protoplasm is either continuous or is interrupted at intervals by cross walls termed as septa that divide the hyphae into compartments identical to cells. Therefore hyphae might be aseptate (i.e., hyphae without cross walls) or septate (i.e., hyphae with cross walls).Whenever aseptate they are coenocytic having numerous nuclei. All hypha has a thin rigid wall, whose main component is chitin, a nitrogen comprising polysaccharide also found in the exoskeleton of arthropods. In cytoplasm the typical eukaryotic organelles are found like mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi-apparatus, ribosomes and vacuoles. In older portions, vacuoles are big and cytoplasm is limited to a thin peripheral layer.

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