Properties of colloids

Properties of colloids:

A. Colloidal System:

The protoplasm builds a colloidal system composed of a water phase in which the mineral matter is dissolved, also containing a protein phase, a fat phase and several minor phases. Therefore it is stated to be a polyphase colloidal system.

B. Solation and Gelation:

The protoplasm presents mostly as a sol (that is semi-liquid) however sometimes it becomes rigid and is viewed as a gel (that is semi-solid).

 C. Brownian Movement:

The particles of the protoplasm exhibit an erratic zig-zag movement. This arbitrary motion, caused by the uneven bombardment of particles is termed as Brownian movement.

D. Tyndall Effect:

The scattering of a beam of light by the particles of a colloid is referred to as tyndall effect. This is a property of the protoplasm too.

E. Ultrafiltration:

The particles of protoplasm can’t be filtered via ordinary filter paper however can be filtered via ultrafilters like millipore filters.

F. Electrical Properties:

Particles of the colloid carry a consistent electric charge.

G. Flocculation or Co-agulation:

Whenever the particles of a colloid lose their charges they tend to aggregate and augment in size. As an outcome they fall out and get precipitated. In another words protoplasm loses its living property.

Such properties of the protoplasm point out that it is a living substance and has rightly been referred as the physical basis of life.

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