Passive Transport

Passive Transport:

Physical processes:

Passive Transport of materials across the membrane needs no energy by the cell and it is not helped by the transport proteins. The physical processes via which substances obtain into the cell are:

A. Diffusion 
B. Osmosis


Diffusion is the movement of molecules of any substance from an area of its higher to a area of its lower concentration (that is, down its own concentration gradient) to spread consistently in the dispersion medium on account of their arbitrary kinetic motion.

Rate of diffusion is proportional (directly) to:

a. The concentration of the substance.
b. Temperature of the medium.
c. Region of the diffusion path.

Diffusion is proportional (inversely) to:

a. Size of the substance molecules
b. Molecular weight of the substance molecule
c. Distance over which the molecules encompass to diffuse.


It is a special kind of diffusion where the water or solvent diffuses via a selectively permeable membrane from an area of high solvent concentration to an area of low solvent concentration.

Role of Osmosis:

a. It aids in absorption of water from the soil through root hairs.
b. Osmosis aids in cell to cell movement of water.
c. Osmosis aids to build up the turgor pressure that helps in opening and closing of stomata.

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