Nutrition in Bacteria

Nutrition in Bacteria:

Autotrophic Bacteria:

Some bacteria can make their own food and therefore they are autotrophic in their mode of nutrition. They might be photo autotrophs (example: Spirillum) or chemoautotrophs, example: Nitrobacter or Nitrosomonas.

Photoautotrophic bacteria:

They utilize sunlight as their source of energy to produce food. However unlike photosynthetic eukaryotic cells they do not divide water to acquire reducing power. Therefore Oxygen is not developed during bacterial photosynthesis.

Chemoautotrphic bacteria:

They do not contain photosynthetic pigments and therefore they can’t use sunlight energy. Rather they acquire energy in the form of ATP by oxidizing organic or inorganic compounds. The energy therefore obtained is utilized to decrease CO2 to organic matter.

Heterotrophic Bacteria:

They depend on other organisms (living or dead) for their food as they can’t make their own food. They might be saprotrophic (example: Bacillus subtilis), parasitic (example: Plant parasite-Xanthomonas citrii) animal parasite (example: Bacillus anthracis), Human parasite (example: Vibrio cholerae) or symbiotic in relation with roots of the family Leguminosae. (Example: Rhizobium)


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