Internal Factors

Internal Factors:

These are the factors prevailing in the plant that is inherent properties of the plant itself and comprise leaf structure, root-shoot ratio and age of plants.

Leaf Structure:

In xerophytes, the rate of transpiration is decreased due to structural modifications like thick cuticle with hard and leathery surface, less surface area, leaf rolling, sunken stomata, waxy coating, lesser stomatal frequency, hairy covering and development of mechanical tissue. In the case of the plants like Asparagus and Opuntia, the leaf is converted into thorns and the stem becomes flattened and green to execute the function of the leaf. Such a structure is termed as Cladode.

Root-Shoot Ratio:

Transpiration exhibits a direct relation with the quantity of water absorbed by the roots and the water lost via leaves. Thus the increase in the root-shoot ratio will also raise the rate of transpiration.

Age of Plants:

Germinating seeds usually exhibit a slow rate of transpiration. It rises with age and becomes maximum at maturity. However rate of transpiration reduces during senescence.

Plants absorb water via the root system and only 2 percent is required by the plant for different metabolic activities. The rest of the water is lost via the aerial portions of the plant by a procedure termed as transpiration.

The loss of water in the form of vapors from the aerial portions of the plant is termed to as transpiration.

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