Fungal viruses

Fungal viruses:

Viruses which cause diseases in fungi are termed as mycophages and viruses which attack blue green algae or cyanobacteria and cause diseases are termed as cyanophages.

Mycoviruses are the viruses that infect fungi. The majority of mycoviruses contain double stranded RNA (dsRNA) genomes and isometric particles, however around 30 percent encompass positive single stranded RNA (ssRNA) genomes. To be a true mycovirus, they should explain an ability to be transmitted-in another word be able to infect other healthy fungi. Most of the double stranded RNA elements that have been explained in fungi do not fit this explanation, and in these situations they are termed to as virus such as particles or VLPs. The preliminary outcomes point out that most mycoviruses co-diverge with their hosts, that is, their phylogeny is largely congruent with the one of their hosts. Though, many virus families having mycoviruses encompass merely sparsely been sampled.

Mycovirology (Ghabrial and Suzuki, in the year 2009) is the study of viruses infecting fungi, also termed as mycoviruses. This is a special subdivision of the general field of virology and explains taxonomy, origin and evolution, host range, transmission and movement of mycoviruses and their influence on host phenotype.


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