Factors Affecting Stomatal Movement

Factors Affecting Stomatal Movement:

There are a number of factors that influence the stomatal movements. These comprise light, potassium chloride, temperature, organic acid, carbon-dioxide concentration, abscissic acid and water.


Light very much influences the opening and closing of stomata as it stimulates production of malic acid due to the transformation of starch to sugar. Stomata do not open in U-V light and green light however stay opened in blue and red areas of the spectrum.


Stomata open with increase in temperature and close at lower temperature as light and temperature are directly associated. However higher temperatures too cause stomatal closure.

Potassium Chloride:

The accumulation of potassium chloride causes opening of the stomata.

Organic Acid:

The raise of organic acid content in the guard cells causes the stomata to open.

Carbon-dioxide Concentration:

The stomatal movement is influenced by the concentration of carbon-dioxide. At low concentrations of CO2, the stomata open. With augment in the concentration of CO2, the stomata start to close and whenever CO2 concentration of cells is higher than its concentration in the air, the stomata totally close.

Stomatal movement is always persuaded by the CO2 concentration of the intercellular spaces of the leaf and not the concentration of air.


Water is accountable for causing modifications in the turgor of the guard cells. Guard cells become flaccid on trailing water and therefore the stomata close. Likewise the guardcells become completely turgid on gaining water and the stomata open. Under circumstances of water scarcity also, the stomata close.

Abscissic Acid:

Abscissic acid accumulates in the leaves whenever the plants experience water deficit or water stress. It has been examined, that ABA (Abscissic acid) stimulates closure of stomata under such conditions.

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