Economic Importance of Algae

Economic Importance of Algae:

Latest estimates exhibit that nearly half the globe’s productivity that is carbon fixation, comes from oceans. This is added by the algae, the only vegetation in the sea. Algae are essential as primary producers being at the beginning of most of the aquatic food chains.

Algae in space travel: 

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is employed in space travel to get rid of Co2 and another body wastes.  The algae multiply quickly and use the Co2 and release O2 during photosynthesis. It decomposes human urine and faeces to acquire N2 for protein synthesis.

Single cell protein (SCP):

Chlorella and Spirulina that are unicellular algae and are rich in protein and they are employed as protein source. Besides, Chlorella is a source of vitamin too. The rich protein and amino acid content of chlorella and Spirullina build them ideal for single cell protein production. The antibiotic Chlorellin is extracted from Chlorella.

Sewage Disposal:

Algae such as Chlorella are grown in big shallow tanks, having sewage. Such algae generate abundant oxygen by quick photosynthesis. Microorganisms such as aerobic bacteria utilize this oxygen and decompose the organic matter and therefore the sewage gets purified.


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