Dynamic nature of cell

Dynamic nature of cell:

A cell in an adult organism can be observed as a steady-state system. The DNA is constantly read out into a specific set of mRNA (transcription) that specifies a specific set of proteins (translation). As such proteins function they are being degraded and substituted by new ones and the system is too balanced that the cell neither grows, shrinks, nor modifies its function. Considering this static view of the cell, though, one must not miss the all-significant dynamic aspects of cellular life.

The dynamics of a cell can be excellently understood by inspecting the course of a cell’s life. A new cell is formed whenever one cell divides or whenever two cells, (a sperm and an egg) fuse. Both such events begin a cell-replication program.

This generally includes a period of cell growth, during which proteins are made up and DNA replicated, followed by cell division whenever a cell divides into two daughter cells.  Whether a specified cell will grow and divide is an extremely regulated decision of the body, ensuring that adult organism substitutes worn out cells or makes new cells in response to a new requirement. The best illustration for the latter is the growth of muscle in response to exercise or harm. Though, in one major and devastating disease that is, cancer, the cells multiply even however there is no requirement in the body. To understand how cells become cancerous, biologists have extremely studied the mechanism which controls the growth and division of cells.


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