Difficulties in classification

Difficulties in classification:

As living organisms show huge variety and diversity and they also have evolved via millions of years and there are numerous missing links between groups, it is very complicated to have a clear cut and well stated classification. Biological categorization reflects the state of our knowledge. It modifies as we acquire new information. By the year 1970 molecular biologists realized that prokaryotes includes of two distinct and unrelated groups. To accommodate this new information three microbiologists, O.Kandler, C.Woese, and M.L Wheelis mentioned a new categorization scheme in the year 1990. They proposed that all organisms be classified into three main groups termed as domains: the Eucarya (having all eukaryotes), the Bacteria having prokaryotes which live mostly in intense environments.) Such scheme is presently accepted by most biologists.

Categorization will undoubtedly continue to modify.


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