Classification of Bryophyte

Classification of Bryophyte:

Bryophyte is categorized into three main classes:

509_classification of bryphyte.jpg

1. Class Hepaticae:

These are lower types of Bryophytes. They are simpler in structure than mosses and much confined to damp and shady territories. They contain an undifferentiated thallus. Protonemal stage is not present. Sporophyte is much simple and short lived. In several forms sporophyte is distinguished into foot, seta and capsule. Example: Marchantia. In several, foot and seta are not present. Example: Riccia.

2. Class Anthocerotae:

Gametophyte is undistinguished thallus. Rhizoids are unbranched and unicellular. Protonemal stage is not present. Sporophyte is distinguished into capsule and foot and no seta. Example: Anthoceros.

3. Class Musci:

They contain more differentiated structure than liverworts. They frequently form dense cushions. Such are higher types in which the gametophyte is distinguished into ‘stem’ like and ‘leaf’ like portions and the former exhibiting radial symmetry. The rhizoids are multi-cellular and branched. Protonemal stage is existed. Sporophyte is distinguished into foot, seta and capsule. Example: Funaria.

621_moss funaria.jpg

 Figure: Moss-Funaria


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