Cell Wall

Cell Wall:

The cells of all bacteria, fungi and plants have a rigid, protective wrapper outside the plasma membrane termed as cell wall. The existence of cell wall in plant cells differentiates them from animal cells. Among vascular plants merely certain cells connected with the reproductive procedures, are nude, and all other cells have walls. The cell wall was initially noticed by Hooke in 1865 in cork cells. Originally it was thought that the cell wall was a non-living secretion of protoplasm, however now it is acknowledged to be metabolically active and is capable of growth and at least during its development, holds protoplasmic material.


Chemical Composition:

The chemical composition of cell wall differs in different kingdoms. In bacteria the cell wall is comprised of peptidoglycon, in Fungi it is made up of chitin. The plant cell wall is build up of cellulose. Besides cellulose, some other chemicals like pectin, cutin, hemicellulose, lignin, suberin, silica might also be seen deposited on the wall.

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