Undamped single degree of freedom

(a) The response for an undamped single degree of freedom system under free vibration is given as where ωn is the natural frequency and A and B are unknown that can be determined from the initial conditions. The response  can also be written as where φ is the phase angle.

Prove that C and φ are:

2071_single degree.jpg

where u(0) and ú (0) are the initial displacement and velocity, correspondingly

(b) Plot the solution given  in part (a) for the case k = 1000 N/m and m = 10 kg for two complete periods for all the following sets of initial situations

(i) u(0) = 0,  ú (0) = 1 m/s
(ii) u(0) = 0.01 m, ú (0) = 0
(iii) u(0) = 0.01 m, ú (0) = 1 m/s
(c) Make a three-dimensional surface plot of the amplitude C of an undamped oscillator given in part (a) versus u(0) and ú (0) for the range of initial conditions given by -1 ≤ u(0) ≤ 0.1 m and -1 ≤ ú (0) ≤ 1 m/s for a system with natural frequency of 10 rad/s. Based on the plot, determine the initial conditions that give the maximum and minimum amplitudes.

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