what is the role of carbohydrates in plasma?

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    Human beings are constantly attacked by numerous sensory stimulations including noise, sight, smell, taste etc, the critical question In the study of perception is why the same universe is viewed differently by different persons? The answer is the perception. Different people perceive the univers

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    Behavioral perspective

    the human behavior approach is the outcome of the thoughts developed by behavioral scientists who took at the organization as

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    What is the basic difference among micro and macronutrients?

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    Define the term Diploid cell strain. Also state its features.

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    How do mineral salts contribute in an enzymatic activity?

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    State the various differences between octopuses and mussels with respect to their circulatory systems? How does this difference persuade the mobility of these animals?

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    On which organelle of the cell structure does intra-cellular digestion based? Name the chemical content of such organelles?

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    Describe the logical order in which the concepts of molecules, atoms, cells and so on up to the biosphere are related?

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    Quantum theory and chaos theory:

    Quantum theory of change describe that different people react in a different way and needs as well as expectations have to be met and managed.

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