what is the role of carbohydrates in plasma?

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  • Q : Cytoplasm of sperm cells Why the

    Why the cytoplasm of sperm cells is decreased?  Why mitochondria of the sperm cells are concentrated within the base of flagellum?

  • Q : Define Infrastructure Infrastructure :

    Infrastructure: It is utilities provided to carryout main function of business capably. Comprise making product more competitive, develop in quality, etc.  

  • Q : Cytoplasm division in the end of mitosis

    Write the name of the cytoplasm division in the end of mitosis? Also state the differences in this process between plant and animal cells?

  • Q : Describe how one might search for

    Please describe how one might search for chemical structure, biologic function relationships, involving small molecular weight lipophylic compounds. Provide one example.

  • Q : Define International Trade

    International Trade: It is the exchange of services or goods all along international borders. This kind of trade permits for a greater competition and more viable pricing in the market. The competition outcomes in more affordable products for consumer

  • Q : Final energetic product- component of

    Write down the final energetic products of each round of the Krebs cycle. Where is most component of utile energy at end of Krebs cycle found?

  • Q : Define cytoplasmic inclusions

    Cytoplasmic inclusions: Cytoplasmic inclusions are the cytoplasmic molecular aggregates, like pigments, organic polymers and crystals. They are not considered in cell organelles.

    Fat glycogen granules and drops and

  • Q : Morphological features of echinoderms

    Write down basic morphological features of echinoderms?

  • Q : Explain Wage & Salary Administration

    Wage & Salary Administration: Wage and Salary administration is the procedure of compensating an organization's staff in accordance with accepted procedures and policy. The  significant component of a successful organization's wage and salary

  • Q : Sickle cell anemia In sickle cell

    In sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease, there is replacement of one amino acid by other in one of the four polypeptide chains of hemoglobin. In this situation are all structural levels of the protein altered?

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