Individual Behavior - Organizational Behavior

The meaning of this behavior is related to some concrete action by a person. For instance, how a teacher behaves in the class reflects his behavior.  The behavior of an individual is influenced by various factors. Some of the factors lie within himself, for example, his instincts, personality traits, internal feelings, etc., while some lie outside him comprising the external environment of which he is a part, for example, weather conditions, events conveying  some information, and other peoples' behavior that directly influence his behavior. The environment acts as a 'stimulus' and the person responds to it. The process of human behavior may thus be regarded as a 'stimulus-response' process. The teacher is affected by students' behavior and in turn affects their behavior. This takes place through interaction between them, and is subject to the environment in which they interact. This, individual behavior is not a self- induced phenomenon, but is affected by a larger system for example, group, family, and the society within one functions.

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