importance og mollusks

economic importance of mollusks?

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  • Q : Future prospect of Organizational

    Based on the trend analysis, the filliping future prospects of Organizational Behavior can be inferred:

    1. Organizational Behavior has reached the status of identifiable fields of study and applications respectively, with explicit implications goes human resource management in complex org

  • Q : What is Frame Relay Frame Relay :

    Frame Relay: Telecommunications technology which breaks data stream into small data packets termed as frames, to give transmission speeds of 64 kilo bits per thousand (Kbps) to 2.4 giga bits per second (Gbps) at fairly lower costs. The Frame-relay equ

  • Q : Bioremediation in bioremediation

    in bioremediation Gibberella fusarium is used to break down

  • Q : Main proteins that constitute the

    What are the main proteins that constitute the sarcomere? What is the function of those molecules in the muscle cells?

  • Q : How did evolution resolve serial

    From zygote, the pluricellular organisms are made by serial mitosis. Would this formation be probable when each cell made up by mitosis had a similar life in relation to its precursor cells? How did evolution resolve that trouble?

  • Q : Protection of ecosystem from

    How does the large biological diversity protect the ecosystem from environmental damages? Also explain why are less bio-diverse ecosystems are under the risk of suffering of the deep biological harms in case submitted to even small changes?

  • Q : Category of cell division that permits

    Name the category of cell division which permits sexual reproduction? Also explain gametogenesis?

  • Q : What is Leadership What is Leadership

    What is Leadership
    A) Some common themes within definitions of leadership:

    • leadership is an influencing process;
    • leaders need followers
    • an unequal power distribution;
    • leadership occurs when trying to achieve certain objectives

  • Q : Respiratory system in aquatic molluscs

     Classify respiratory system in the aquatic molluscs? Explain about the adaptive respiratory structure do terrestrial molluscs have?

  • Q : Electrostatic bonds in the

    Explain in short regarding electrostatic bonds in the antigen-antibody interaction.

    Answer: These are made due to the attraction among opposite charged protein side