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  • Q : Forcast 9. The following table shows

    9. The following table shows annual sales data for Stuff Happens, Inc., over the ten-year 1998-2008 period: Year Sales ($ Millions) 1998 $2.0 1999 2.2 2000 2.4 2001 2.6 2002 2.8 2003 3.0 2004 3.2 2005 3.5 2006 3.8 2007 4.1 2008 4.3 A. Calculate the 1998-2008 growth rate in sales using

  • Q : Negatively association to probability

    Adam Smith would have agreed mostly along with the concept which wages are: (i) positively associated to physical comfort when working. (ii) negatively related to the cost of learning the business. (iii) positively associated to the s

  • Q : Laffer curve & Tax rate Question: Do


    1. Do raising tax rates necessarily raise tax revenue? What factors affect how tax revenue changes when tax rates change?
    2. Using the 'human capital' investment model,

  • Q : Concepts of Economic system argues by

    For Economic system argues by Adam Smith relies heavily upon all the given concepts EXCEPT: (w) market expansion will be facilitated through capital accumulation. (x) prices will be driven to the lowest point at that production can ev

  • Q : Introduction of the term Cost of

    Give a brief introduction of the term Cost of retained earnings?

  • Q : Analysis of US GDP and GDP growth rate

    You may use a calculator and MINITAB to conduct the necessary calculations for all questions. 

    Analysis of US GDP and GDP growth rate (1959-2004). The following variables can be retrieved from MIN

  • Q : Resources of private Capitalism I have

    I have a problem in economics on Resources of private Capitalism. Please help me in the following question. The Private individuals own most resources and find out how they will be employed in an economic system of: (1) Socialism. (2) Capitalism. (3)

  • Q : How will the system accommodate change

    How will the system accommodate change?

  • Q : Individual sellers and buyers in

    Both individual sellers and buyers within perfect competition: w) can affect the market price through their own individual actions. x) can affect the market price by joining along with some of their competitors.  y) have to take the market price as a specified. z

  • Q : Problem on prisoners dilemma game Lets

    Lets assume an infinitely repeated prisoner’s dilemma game by two players. The resulting payoffs at each phase by the actions of two players are illustrated below in the table (payoffs are symbolized like (payoff for player 1, payoff for player 2)). Two players

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