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  • Q : Productive capacity After the Spanish

    After the Spanish found the new world, they promptly began to plunder this. They imported huge amount of gold and silver to Spain. It inflow of bullion caused a rapid increase in inflation, that would have grave consequences for Spain. It is quick inflation made this

  • Q : Problem on productive contribution

    Suppositions underpinning simple production possibilities frontier models don’t comprise a need that: (i) Net resources are fixed. (ii) All resources are efficiently employed. (iii) Technology is steady. (iv) Resource owners are paid according t

  • Q : What will be produced in all economic

    What will be produced in all economic systems?

  • Q : Conception of the Invisible Hand by

    Conception of the “Invisible Hand” by Adam Smith relies on mechanisms like those as underpin: (1) William Stanley Jevons’ “sunspot” theory of business cycles. (2) the biological concept of Homeostasis. (3

  • Q : Proper control on capital budgeting

    Write down the steps carried out for proper control on capital budgeting process?

  • Q : Laissez-faire philosophy of government

    As per to the laissez-faire philosophy of government,: (1) economy works best while all investment decisions are centralized. (2) market system works best along with only minimal government intervention. (3) government must be restricted to stabilizin

  • Q : Production possibilities curve is a

    How a production possibilities curve is a graphical representation of choices?

  • Q : Briefly state the pros and cons of

    Briefly state the pros and cons of Corporation?

  • Q : Resource market for economic capital

    Janet has loaned a start-up coffee house $50,000 and predicts to earn interest from her financial investment. In circular flow model this transaction is an illustration of: (1) An exchange of her saving for interest, via a resource market for the economic capital. (2)

  • Q : Problem on private resource ownership

    Relative to most of the other countries, the United States encompasses historically relied more greatly on: (1) Public resource ownership and private income distribution. (2) Decentralized decision making and private resource ownership. (3) Exports of textiles, automo

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