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  • Q : Exchange rate in purchasing power parity


    In June 2005, a Big Mac sold for 6,000 pesos in Colombia and $3.00 in the United States.  The exchange rate in June 2005 was 2,300 pesos per US Dollar.  So, on Big Mac purchasing power parity gr

  • Q : David Hume statement regarding money in

    In modern parlance, David Hume statement regarding money which is Tis none of the wheels of trade. And tis the oil, was referring to the notion that money: (i) is relatively costly to produce. (ii) facilitates divisions of labor and specialization and

  • Q : Problem on prisoners dilemma game Lets

    Lets assume an infinitely repeated prisoner’s dilemma game by two players. The resulting payoffs at each phase by the actions of two players are illustrated below in the table (payoffs are symbolized like (payoff for player 1, payoff for player 2)). Two players

  • Q : Budget line and indifference curves


    Monica has been considering buying a mountain bike. Last month Monica had an income of $30,000. The bike's price was $1000, the composite good price was $1, and she decided not to buy the bike.  This month Monica was surprised t

  • Q : What are the benefits and costs of

    What are the benefits and costs of Marginalism?

  • Q : Illustrate and clarify the economizing

    Illustrate and clarify the economizing problem?

  • Q : Good economic policy requires good

    Explain the statement: “Good economic policy requires good economic theory.”?

  • Q : Demand supply Newspaper item: “Due to

    Newspaper item: “Due to lower grain prices, consumers can expect retail prices of choice beef to begin dropping slightly this spring with pork becoming cheaper after midsummer,” the Agriculture Department predicted. “This reflects increasing supply,” the department said. Does the statement use th

  • Q : The financial investor about bonds

    Describe three ways to finance corporate activity.  Make a case that stocks are more risky for the financial investor than are bonds?

  • Q : Who is a normal resident Normal

    Normal resident: The persons or an institution who lives in a country and whose centre of interest lies in that country is termed as a normal resident of that country.