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  • Q : Define Average cost and Marginal cost

    Briefly explain the term Average cost and Marginal cost?

  • Q : Problem on productive contribution

    Suppositions underpinning simple production possibilities frontier models don’t comprise a need that: (i) Net resources are fixed. (ii) All resources are efficiently employed. (iii) Technology is steady. (iv) Resource owners are paid according t

  • Q : Meaning of Economic Development


    Discuss what "economic development" means in the context of this game? (Hint: How do you win, and what do you have at the end of the game that you did not have at the beginning of the game?)

  • Q : Introduction of the term capital

    Give brief introduction of the term capital structure? And also write down its principles?

  • Q : Increase in spending for space research

    Use the circular flow model to confirm this assertion for $50 million increase in spending for space research?

  • Q : International trade to the U.S. economy

    How important is international trade to the U.S. economy?  In terms of volume, does the United States trade more with industrially advanced economies or with developing economies? What country is the United States’ most important trading partner, quantitati

  • Q : The economies of Japan and US Question:


    What can we learn from the Japanese experience? Is the US headed for a 'lost decade?


    There was

  • Q : Higher opportunity costs of attendance

    Economics professors would attribute students’ higher rates of attendance on days while examinations are administered to the: (w) intensified needs to learn valuable material. (x) higher opportunity costs of missing set relative to other schedul

  • Q : Our junior high school serves a

    Comment on the following statement from a newspaper article:  “Our junior high school serves a splendid hot meal for $1 without costing the taxpayers anything, thanks in part to a government subsidy.”

  • Q : Importance of Economics Importance of

    Importance of Economics:

    Economics has become one of the major branches of social sciences. This is of enormous practical value in our day by day life. In pure sciences, we study the subject

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