Arena Simulation Program

Modify the airline terminal problem by adding agent breaks. The 16 hours are divided into two 8-hour shifts. Agent breaks are staggered (i.e., one agent goes on break, and immediately upon return, the next agent goes on break, until all agents have had their breaks), starting at 90 minutes into each shift. Each agent is given one 15-minute break. Agent lunch breaks (30 minutes) are also staggered, starting 3.5 hours into each shift. The agents are rude and, if they are busy when break time comes around, they just leave anyway and make the passenger wait until break time is over before finishing up that passenger (since all agents are identical, it is not necessary for the same agent to finish up that passenger). Compare the results of this model to those of the model without agent breaks. Use the “Station” and “Route” modules to help you in the animation. Use the “Variable” icon to monitor and identify the metrics requested.

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