Your task for this project is to develop a fitness program

Personal Fitness Team

The job of the Personal Fitness Team is to design a fitness program to help the person you choose begin an effective fitness life style.  You will need to develop a workout plan, a diet, and find a lifelong recreation activity that will fit your client and their personal goals and interests. 

Your task for this project is to develop a fitness program for one of the 3 clients below. 

You will be filling all 3 roles in a Personal Fitness Team. These roles are explained on the process page.  You will become an expert in their area.  The focus of the team is to design a program to get their client in shape and "pitch" their program to the client.  

You will then have to create a PowerPoint presentation for the client about the fitness program you have put together, why it is beneficial to the client, and how all of the parts fit together. 

Jimmy - Jimmy is a young man who is tired of being so scrawny.  Jimmy weighed 135 pounds when he graduated high school.  He is interested in having the physique that he sees in his favorite magazine, Muscle and Fitness.  Jimmy wants to put on 20 pounds of muscle in order to look better and gain muscle strength and size.  Jimmy's favorite activities include sleeping, fishing, video games and competitive sports.  Jimmy works for the animal control office as a part time employee and he is also going to junior college.  Jimmy is interested in finding a workout plan that will allow him to reach his goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

Angela - Angela is a junior in high school.  She is a nice looking young lady who is in good physical shape.  Angela knows that as she moves on in her life it will be harder to maintain her "in shape" look.  She is interested in starting a program right now that will help her to maintain the way she looks and feels during the rest of her life.  Angela would like to maintain lean muscle mass, increase her muscle strength and maintain or increase her cardio-vascular endurance.  Angela's interests include the snow, the beach, and the occasional jog around the track.  Angela is not a very independent person, she enjoys activities with others and is more likely to be active when other people are involved.

Randy - Randy has the same problem that many people face in our society, he is about 25 pounds overweight.  Randy would like to trim down his figure to become more of "the man he wants to be".  Randy is 22 years old and he feels that now is the time in his life to change his lifestyle.  He would like to focus more on activity and begin to build a new body.  Randy works about 10 hours a day and feels awfully tired when he gets home.  He needs some advice on how to start his workout plan and become consistent at it.  In Randy's spare time he likes to hang out with his friends, throw the frisbee around, eat, watch football, and relax in his recliner.

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