In this lab you will write a simple guessing game the

Guessing Game

In this lab, you will write a simple guessing game. The computer will generate a random integer within a valid specified range, inclusive (min, max) read in from a text file. The user then tries to guess the generated secret number. If the guess is not correct, the user is told whether they are too high or too low. When the secret number has been correctly guessed, the total number of guesses required is
reported. The user is then asked if they want to play again.

You will need to use my String, ReadFile, Keyboard, and Random structs to complete this lab. To use these structs, you can refer to the method signatures in the header files for each struct.

Batch File

Typing at the command line every time that you want to compile and run can be tedious. Instead, you can type your command line instructions into a text (batch) file with the .bat extension. Then you can simply type the name of the batch file at the command prompt followed by the drive letter of your jump drive (i.e. build e) and all of your instructions listed in the batch file will automatically execute in order. Take a look at build.bat to see the set of command line operations that you can use to compile and link your work for this lab. If you don't need to compile certain files, you can comment out the corresponding line with ::. This makes it easy to select and deselect which files to compile.

Artificial Intelligence

Write a new driver file (ComputerGuessDriver.cpp) so that the user picks the secret number and the computer tries to guess the number. Try to have the computer use as few guesses as possible. What is a secret number that forces the computer to take the maximum number of guesses?


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