Write a one-page paper three total evaluating your public

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After your person of interest, informative, and persuasive speeches, you will write a one-page paper (three total) evaluating your public speaking development as evidenced on your video and peer critiques. The due date is the class period after your speech was given.

After viewing the video of your speech and reading your peer critiques, write a paper in which you discuss your public speaking strength and an area that needs improvement. Your evaluation must include: (1) what you did well, (2) what you could improve on, and (3) how you specifically plan improving.

Some possible areas you could discuss are the following:

Content: Are you effectively opening and closing with impact, using effective language, adequately explaining and supporting your ideas?

Organization: Are your speeches clearly organized? Are you making effective use of previews, signposts, and summaries?

Presentation: Consider both visual and vocal components of delivery. Are you maintaining eye contact, using effective gestures, speaking loud enough to be heard?

Be sure in your paper to be specific about how you plan to improve for your next speech. (ie if you notice your gestures are stiff, next time you could practice in the mirror; or if you forget to cite your sources, you could highlight those items on your note cards)

These papers must be Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, and reach within a few lines of an entire page.

I did all my speech exam and, I did usually my homework. I am international student and english is hard to me because I talk few with my classmates in the class. when I have speech in my class, I take one to two minutes in my speech. I think because I have many appointment in this semester I do not do good. I have some mistake when I talk sometimes in my class. I feel I have many problems in my life. I worked hard in public speaking in this semester but I do not know if my instructor will help me or not in this semester. I took some good agreat and some no. I can use eye conect with my classmates. I use sometimes my paper when I have speech.

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English: Write a one-page paper three total evaluating your public
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