The development of Christianity and study of the gospel is attributed to the Eusebius Caesarea. He was the citizen of Rome. He traced his roots back to Greece.

In A.D. 314, Eusebius became the priest of Caesarea. He studied the Biblical canon extensively. In fact, he was regarded as one of the most educated Christians in the time that he lived. Eusebius has made significant contributions to the growth of Christianity and gospel studies. He is responsible for books like Preparations for the Gospel, Demonstrations of the Gospel and Discrepancies between the Gospels.

I have chosen to write about Eusebius because of the influence he has on Christianity.

He is considered the father of Gospel studies because of the amount of time he dedicated to studying the Bible. The aim is to study the all the contributions that Eusebius made to Christianity in his lifetime.

The other significant figure in the history of the world is Martin Luther. Luther was a Catholic priest who led the Protestant Reformation. In the beginning, Martin Luther was a dedicated Augustinian Friar.

However, later Luther rejected many teachings that were found in the Roman Catholic Church. Luther did not agree with the teaching that one could purchase freedom of sin with money.

He opposed the fact that only priests were allowed to read the Bible in the Roman Catholic Church.

Martin Luther has been chosen for this project because of his significant contribution to the Christian Reformation. He inspired many people who continued with the work that he had started even after he died.

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