Would the industrial revolution have been possible

Assignment task: The Industrial Revolution marked a period of development that transformed societies in the United States in Europe from rural into more industrialized and urban ones. It took place over 100 years as production of goods moved from handcrafted goods to machine-aided production in factories. This revolution involved major changes in transportation, manufacturing, and communications. It transformed the daily lives of Americans in a radical way. Apply the knowledge gained from the module readings and resources to answer the discussion questions.

Review the module resources.

  • Select two of the questions below and complete them in essay format.
  • Would the Industrial Revolution have been possible without the use of slave labor? Why or why not?
  • What might have been the advantages and disadvantages of railroads for the people who lived along the routes or near the stations?
  • What were the values of the middle class? How did they differ from the values of those above and below them on the socioeconomic ladder? In what ways are these values like or different from those held by the middle-class today?
  • How did Socialism and Marxism relate to the conditions created by the industrial revolution?

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