Why is the right to confront accuser a fundamental rights


In the age of social media, accusations made against a particular person can be life altering. Publicly-made accusations are often assumed to be true even in the abscense of evidence. In the social media world, there is an expectation that the accused must prove their innocence. In other words, the accused must prove they didn't commit the crime for which they are accused.

1. What concept, guaranteed by the constituation, proves social media's concept of having to prove your innocense is wrong?

2. Why is it easier to prove that you have been to Walmart as opposed to proving you have never been to Walmart? Explain your answer.

3. If I accuse you of stealing my TV, do you have to prove you didn't take it or do I have to prove you did take it? Which way makes more sense? Explain your answer.

4. In our criminal justice system, why is the accuser not allowed to remain anonymous?

5. What amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows the accused to confront their accuser? What does the amendment specifically say?

6. Why is the right to confront your accuser a fundamental right?

7. How has today's social media similar to Salem Witch Trials?

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Business Law and Ethics: Why is the right to confront accuser a fundamental rights
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