Why does chopping an onion make you cry


Agriculture Select one question that interests you under any subject area, and then make a KWL chart (page 416) for your selection. After you have jotted down 'what you know' under the first column and what you want to find out under the second column, then go to the respective link and read the answers to your selected question. For instance, under Agriculture, you will see one of the questions as: Why does chopping an onion make you cry? (you may pick any question under any subject area that is listed). Make a KWL for the topic (first two columns) and then go to the link and fill in the third column. If you still have questions left, then fill in the fourth column. Include your KWL chart below and write a brief summary (one paragraph) about your experience of the website, the process of doing a KWL on yourself and how can this technique be effective in the grade level you plan to teach.

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English: Why does chopping an onion make you cry
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