Why does america have a dual-court system


Court System

What is the dual-court system(civil/criminal), and why does America have a dual-court system?

Court unification involves consolidating many lower courts of special or limited jurisdiction into a centrally run court system. The federal district courts hear both civil and criminal cases in the same courtrooms, heard by the same judge. Could a large, single court system like the federal district courts be an effective system at the state level? Consider how it would change the court system in your state.


Judges have specific philosophical rationales and sentencing guidelines when providing a judgment over presented facts.

If you were a judge, what would be your sentencing goals and philosophical rationales? Why?

Would you lean more toward rehabilitation, for example, or might you tend toward retribution?

What factors would matter most to you when deciding a sentence?

Under what circumstances (if any) would your guidelines or sentencing goals change?

What is an example of a situation that might be extremely difficult to judge that could make you change your sentencing goals or philosophical rationales?

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