Relationship between moral development and delinquency


Complete a one to two page essay paper addressing the following questions:

1. Explain what is meant by delinquency.

2. Identify assumptions of the due process model in juvenile justice.

3. Identify one main way that juvenile crime is measured in the United States.

4. Describe the relationship between moral development and delinquency.

5. Describe the impact of personality disorders on delinquency.

6. Describe one social structure theory, one learning theory, and one social control theories.

7. Explain the concept of diversion.

8. Describe the types of programs that do tend to work in delinquency prevention.

9. Explain the discretionary options a police officer can exercise in juvenile cases.

10. Explain how community-oriented policing affects juvenile cases.

11. Describe the different ways police are allowed to handle juveniles.

Do not copy other people work must be in APA format

And please list question when answering

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Business Law and Ethics: Relationship between moral development and delinquency
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