What would kao tzu say about a special needs person does


Out of all the theories of human nature we have examined in the class, which one do you disagree with the most? In this paper, you should begin by explaining in detail the philosopher's theory. Assume that your audience knows nothing about the subject or the philosopher you are discussing. Be sure to include quotesfrom the text to support your explanation of the theory. You should also give your own examples to illustrate the ideas you are presenting. After you have thoroughly explained the philosopher's views, you will give thereasons why you disagree with him or her.

Be sure that these are reasons that anyone can understand, whether or not they share your religious background, political beliefs, or personal tastes. Of course such beliefs and opinions may inspire your agreement with the philosopher, but you want to try to persuade your reader to agree with you, and to do so, it is best to assume that your reader doesn't share your beliefs. Imagine that you are a lawyer and try to give evidence to support your views. Finally, after your class presentation, you should explain any objections to your view that were raised by your audience, and then end your paper by replying to these objections, again trying to convince your reader to agree with you.


If people are born neutral, then do you believe that people are not born with compassion or with selfish tendencies? Do you agree with the theory that people simply copy what they see? If you say that genetics influence whether we are good or bad, then how can we be born neutral? What would Kao Tzu say about a special needs person? Does Kao Tzu ever explain who we ought to follow in order to become good or bad? Can someone rise above their environment if their environment is conditioning them to be a certain way?

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