The problem here is that the service providers are not

In the case of Steve Z. that you are handling by yourself, you notice as you monitor Steve's progress and obtain information from service providers that there are some conflicts between some of the service providers that you believe are having a negative impact on your 15-year-old client. Specifically, you observe that two service providers have formed an alliance and are negative in their language toward the other service providers by insinuating that the other service providers are not doing their jobs properly. There are also nonverbal gestures being made by the two person alliance against the remaining service providers in the form of making faces, laughing inappropriately when other service providers give an opinion, and inappropriate whispering among these two providers that have formed an alliance. The problem here is that the service providers are not behaving in a professional manner toward one another, and this is impacting their ability to focus on your client as the focus is taken off of your client and put onto the conflicts among the service providers.

Discuss how you would handle this situation. Include what actions you would take and who you would talk to regarding this situation.

Give specific examples of what you would do to address this problem between service providers as outlined in the scenario.

As an intern, would you discuss this with your supervisor first, or would you just handle it yourself?

When commenting on other posts, explain why you agree or disagree with other students' methods of handling the situation.

Explain which approach you would take, and explain why. Support your chosen approach with reasoning.

Would you address this issue with your client, or do you think this would be inappropriate? Explain your answer.

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Business Law and Ethics: The problem here is that the service providers are not
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