What when consumers unable to articulate their experiences

Problem: When consumers are unable to articulate their experiences, what becomes particularly useful in understanding consumers preferences a) observation b) primary data mining c) surveying d) a focus group Eduardo needs to find information about income and age distribution in Vaughan Ontario. The best source of secondary research of use to Eduardo is likely to be a) sales invoices at public libraries b) statistic Canada data c) door to door surveys d) syndicated dataCoca-Cola is considering getting into the smartphone market, john who is their marketing department conducts a detail interview with leading research on smartphones. This activity is referred to as a) a focus group b) an experiment c) a depth or (individual) interview d) small group dynamics A supermarket placed diapers beers and potatoes chip together and observed significant increases in the sales of all three. What tool was likely used by the supermart to reach the conclusion to place all three products together a) Single source data b) Primary research c) Data mining d) Secondary researchSocial media monitoring, in-depth interviews and focus group are all research method a) Syndicated marketing b) Qualitative c) Quantitative d) structuredRoberto is reviewing secondary data his company collected about seasonal variation in consumer


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Marketing Management: What when consumers unable to articulate their experiences
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