What was coerced religion as described by roger williams


I. According to the essay, "Suppressing Heresy," what was a key contradiction at the heart of Puritan theology (and actually Protestantism more broadly) that potentially challenged any attempts by would-be leaders to assert authority?

II. What was "coerced religion" as described by Roger Williams? How did civil and church authorities create it in Massachusetts Bay?

III. Why did Williams find "coerced religion" so objectionable? In addition to his views on religion, discuss at least two other areas of disagreement between him and the leadership of Massachusetts Bay.

IV. How was religious practice organized in Providence under the leadership of Williams, and how did it compare with practices in New Netherland, New France, Virginia, and Maryland?

V. What is the difference between religious freedom and religious toleration? If you were immigrating to New England in the mid-1600s where would you have been likely to find "religious freedom"? What about "toleration"? Where might you have found both missing?

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History: What was coerced religion as described by roger williams
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