What type of mistake was made by the salesclerk


The defendant, Vincent, wanted to purchase a wristwatch from the plaintiff's store. In response to Vincent's enquiry, a store clerk informed him that the price of a particular Rolex men's wristwatch was $900. Vincent told the clerk that she must mean $9 000. The clerk checked the price with a senior store employee who confirmed that the price was $900. The defendant purchased the watch although he suspected that it was seriously underpriced.

When the clerk subsequently realized that the price was actually $9 000, the store brought an action in court for the return of the watch.

a) What type of mistake was made by the salesclerk?

b) What defence would Vincent argue to prove that he had made a valid and legally binding sale?

c) If you were judging this case, what decision would you hand down and why?

Cite a case to support your decision ad explain in what ways it is applicable.

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Business Law and Ethics: What type of mistake was made by the salesclerk
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