What surprised you about the documentary babies in what

View the video "BABIES" that you will find under the tab "Resources" or copy & paste the following link. Then, answer these questions and submit them in this assignment.


1. Describe in detail the differences and similarities of all four families. (In other words, what ways are these families different; yet, the same?)
What are the similarities and the differences between all of the following developments?

a. Physical

b. Cognitive

c. Social

d. Emotional

2. What does the documentary tell us about the influence of nature and of nurture?

3. How does or does not culture play a part in children's developmental growth?

4. What surprised you about the documentary?

5. In what ways could this information influence you and others in better understanding child development?

6. Compare your own experiences,as children and/or as parents, to the experiences of the families in the documentary.

7. What is your overall opinion of the video "BABIES"?

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English: What surprised you about the documentary babies in what
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