What is the tragedy of the commons explain and give an

After watching the documentary "A Global Warning" what are your thoughts on the issue of global warming. Did the documentary educate you on the real issues? If so, what point was the most influential? If not, why?

If you were unable to watch the documentary please answer the following questions:

What is global warming? How does it happen? Name ways in which "we" can decrease the causes of global warming. In general, what are your thoughts about global warming?

2. Suppose some commercial interests want to create a large new development on what are presently wetlands. Discuss business interests, developing new shopping centers, homes, better traffic flow and profit, and environmental interests, concerned with the impact on the environment and the economical costs of developing in the wetland area.

3. Suppose a new community of several thousand people is going to be built in Arizona (with a warm, dry climate). You are called in as a consultant to design a water treatment facility. What type of precaution do you have to consider? Contrast this to consideration for designing a water treatment facility in the Dubai, UAE.

4. Soil is soil considered a detritus-based ecosystem? Describe how the above ground portion and the below ground portion of the ecosystem acts as two interrelated, interdependent communities.

5. Suppose your town planned to build a combustion facility or landfill near your home. Explain your concerns and your decision to be for or against the facility.

6.What is the role of the CDC and WHO when there is an outbreak of a highly contagious disease? Provide a recent example of these two organizations involvement in an outbreak of a highly infections/contagious disease

7.What is the tragedy of the commons? Explain and give an example of a common-pool resource, and describe ways of protecting such resources.

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Science: What is the tragedy of the commons explain and give an
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