What is the total population of your community


For this assignment, complete the following:

Part 1

Review your Recycling Journal for the week you selected. Write a report that covers the next two parts of this assignment.

Part 2

Based on what you identified as recyclable in one week and using this data, estimate how much garbage your entire locality or city could prevent sending to the landfill. Include the following:

• What is the total population of your community? You may use reliable Internet resources to identify this information.

• If everyone in your community recycled as much trash as you did for one week, how much garbage could your area recycle? To calculate this number, you can use your number and multiply it by the number of people in your community.

• How much trash could your community save in a year? To calculate this number, multiply the weekly estimate for your community by the number of weeks in a year.

• Do you think your community recycles enough? How can the US Government

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