What is the culture educational beliefs

Assignment: Researching Diverse Families and Communities

With the variety of cultures within the community, it is essential that educators are aware of the backgrounds and beliefs of the different cultures their students come from. Educators must also be able to have open communication with children, peers, family and communities. A tipsheet is a helpful communication format for families, peers and the community.

Choose one of the following cultural groups and research the culture to find the information listed below. After finding the information to the topics, create a handout for your co-workers that will educate and involve families and the community in young children's learning and development for that culture. Do not forget to add your sources at the end of the handout.

Choose one from the below:

1. Asian,

2. Spanish Americans (Hispanic),

3.African American,

4.Native American.

Research in depth to gain understanding of the culture and look at the diverse characteristics of the family and community of that culture.

Compose Tip Handout

Topics to cover in your handout:

Parenting practices

What is the culture's educational beliefs?

What community resources would you recommend for this chosen culture?

Challenges the culture faces.

Prevalent family form (single parent, etc.)

What is important for educators to understand about this culture?

What appropriate teaching and learning approaches could you use for this culture? Demonstrate how your suggestions are based on your research of this culture.

Give "Tips" on how staff can work and communicate together and involve this culture in the child's development and learning in the classroom with regards to using effective technology with young children, with peers, and as a professional resource.

How has this culture contributed to society/community?

How to involve/incorporate families, and community in children's young development and learning.

This is not to create stereotypes but to assist in the understanding of different cultures. Remember, each family is individual and unique in their own realm.

Include the following for draft:

APA Title Page


Main content, addressing the assignment instructions in detail along with cited resources to support your scholarly voice. Handout must include: All information listed in the instructions, in detail.

Strong conclusion - ending statement

Tips can be in brochure form; be creative

Be sure assignment is in APA format (double spaced, 12 font; Times Roman, page number, header

Ensure grammar/spell check is crossed checked

References page.

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