Analyze the rhetorical strategies

Assignment: Watch and Evaluate Other Students' Analytical Speeches

Each student must watch and comment on at least two other students' presentations in the Analytical Speech discussion forum. Please make sure every student has the benefit of an evaluation.

1. Watch and constructively evaluate the content, delivery and visuals of your fellow students' presentation by writing a brief evaluation and notes as a reply to your peer's post.

Consider the following:

Does the student provide a captivating introduction to her/his analysis? Explain what they do well and what could be improved.

Does the body of the speech successfully analyze the rhetorical strategies employed by the TED speaker? Is it well organized? Does it use terminology from our textbook? Is this a thorough analysis?

For the conclusion, does the student utilize further research that opens up the topic to further thought by starting a "conversation" between the TED speaker and others also working on this topic?

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with being critical, so long as you do it with the aim to help your fellow students improve. You are doing each other a service--not a disservice--by pointing out weak areas for improvement. This is a risk-free zone, whereas other public speaking occasions might not be, so it is better to learn from mistakes here and now.

2. Do not repeat, or just agree with, what others have said. You can further elaborate on points already made, disagree with your fellow students' observations/critiques, and/or make different suggestions for improvement. The comments should look like an actual in depth conversation, and there should be a nice balance of praise for what was done well and critique of what could be improved.

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