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Sports Management -

Book: Applied sport management skills / Robert N. Lussier, PhD, Springfield College, David C. Kimball, PhD, Elms College.Third edition.

Part 1

Answer the Review and Discussion Questions on for part 1. Please use Times New Roman 12 font double spacing. Number and type the question. Answer the questions fully using complete sentences.

1. What is sport management? Name some possible career opportunities available to sport management majors.

2. What are the five management skills? Do all sport managers need these skills?

3. What are the four functions of management? Do all sport managers perform all four functions?

4. What are the three management roles? Do all sport managers perform all three roles?

5. What are the three types of managers? How do they differ?

6. Is it more important for a sport manager to be efficient or effective? Can you be both?

7. Should a sport management course focus on teaching students about sports or about management? Explain your answer.

8. Can college students develop their management skills through a college course? Why or why not?

9. Do you believe that sport management theory is or should be as precise as physics or chemistry? Explain your answer.

10. What are three career paths in sport management that you find interesting?

11. Why is it important to take this management course?

12. Are you interested in being a manager?

13. Some people say that hard skills (technical, finance, quantitative analysis) are more important for managers than soft skills (people and communication skills), and some say the opposite is true. What is your view?

14. Is your college professor a manager? Why or why not?


Think about a coach and a manager you know and explain what makes them good managers or poor ones. Do not use their real names and the names of the places you worked for them. In what ways are they alike? In what ways do they differ? Give examples to support your conclusions.

Part 2

Answer the Review and Discussion Questions for part 2. Please use Times New Roman 12 font double spacing. Number and type the question. Answer the questions fully using complete sentences. Please include a heading with your name, date, and title of the assignment.

1. Do most sport organizations focus on creating customer value? Use specific examples to defend your position.

2. Do you think that all sport organizations should use TQM? Why or why not?

3. Describe the relationship between management and an organization's mission, resources, systems process, and structure. Which of these internal factors are ends and which are means?

4. What technological breakthrough in sports has had the greatest impact on the quality of your life, and why?

5. Should government regulation of sport and business be increased, be decreased, or remain the same? Defend your position.

6. Categorize a few sport companies you are familiar with as international or multinational.

7. For the companies you listed in question 6, identify their methods of going global.

8. Do you believe that ethical behavior pays off in the long run? Why or why not?

9. What guides your behavior now? Will you use one of the ethical guides from the text? If yes, which one and why?

10. Can ethics be taught and learned? Defend your position.

11. How do companies benefit from being socially responsible? Give some examples.

12. If you were a CEO, what level of social responsibility would you aspire to? How might you go about attaining it?

13. Did Alex Rodriguez demonstrate that he was worth $30 million a year? Does his ethical behavior on and off the field have anything to do with this?

14. Research what socially responsible activities Alex Rodriguez is involved with off the playing field.

15. If you can't control the external environment, why be concerned about it?

16. Should people in the United States make an effort to buy products made in America? If yes, how should "made in America" be defined?

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