How might adults be affected by saras attitude and actions


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Joy is increasingly stressed and unhappy about the situation. She is thinking about quitting and finding a job in a more congenial program, but she does not want to give up. She has good relationships with the children, some of whom are very attached to her. Joy does not want them to feel abandoned, and she does not want to leave them behind with Terry.

Pick one of the participants in this situation and tell your classmates what the dilemma(s) is/are, brainstorm resolutions, and say what you would do.

Instructions Must be 2 Pages

Using the case study titled Sarah's Confusing Behaviors (in supplemental materials), you are to analyze and address the various ethical issues found within the case study taken from the College of Early Childhood Education; although the study revolves around a student (placement) teacher, the topic of the case study is highly pertinent.

You will be addressing the conflicting ethical responsibilities to the child, family, colleagues, and community during the next four weeks. You will brainstorm possible resolutions. In each section, you are to cite what ideals or principles within the NAYEC Code you used as guidance for your answers.

Directions: Questions 1 and 2 (2 pages APA format) Must be and Paper

1. What impact might these dilemmas have on the children in the center's program?

2. How might the adults (co-teacher, placement student, etc) be affected by Sara's attitude and actions?

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