What is involved in a positive social change movement


Discussion: Social Change Movements

The world around us is constantly changing, and much of that change is being led by individuals with a desire to bring about change. Some change is motivated by the desire for money or power, whereas some change comes about from one or more people feeling inspired to make the world a better place-and then putting that inspiration into practice. When people band together around a common goal or cause and seek to bring about change, that is referred to as a movement. It takes not only drive, ambition, and courage to lead a movement; it also requires a vision and the willingness to persist. As a leader, you can strive to lead a social change movement, but will others follow? In this Discussion, you will engage with your colleagues about what is involved in a positive social change movement and how those types of movements are able to have an impact on society.

To prepare for this Discussion:

• Review the TED video, How to Start a Movement, as well as some of the videos of the Scholars of Change award winners at Walden.

• Then, select a social change movement-big or small-and consider the impact of that movement on society. Note: Your movement may be one brought about by a Scholars of Change winner, or you can include something from personal experience or something that you learned about from the news, social media, or other online searches. Just be sure to select a movement about which you have sufficient information to reply to post.

• Review the Academic Writing Expectations Checklist.

Assignment Task Part 1

Post a 3-paragraph explanation of what is involved in leading a positive social change movement. In your explanation:

• Briefly define positive social change, in your own words.

• Describe your selected example of a movement that had a lasting impact on society.

o Who led the movement?

o What was it that caused or inspired the start of that movement?

o What were the components of that movement, and how did those components support the movement's impact over time?

• Include a specific reference to at least one form of evidence to support your post. This could include one or more of Learning Resources, or an additional source of your choosing. You are encouraged to paraphrase-rather than quote-any relevant ideas from your selected form of evidence and be sure to cite the source of the information.

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