Discuss teachers role in transition


Discussion - Teacher's Role in Transition

As discussed in the lecture, transition is a set of coordinated activities. We know that teachers have many responsibilities in a school setting: duty, lesson planning, teaching, grading, etc. For students that are ages 14 and older, transition planning is also a requirement of teachers of students with disabilities (CO9, CO10, CO11).


• What strategies can secondary teachers implement to ensure students are receiving transition services? In your discussion, remember high school students are required to take Carnegie units to graduate with a high school diploma. Therefore, pulling students during instructional time will limit the ability to obtain required credits.

• What activities can be implemented to include students and parents in transition planning?

• In an IEP meeting, how would you describe transition to a parent?

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The Discussion Board is intended to foster a dynamic, flowing discussion that stems from students' engagement with course materials, one another, and faculty. Students are expected to ground their ideas and responses to one another in the course materials, in their own experience, and in additional outside references.


Required Textbooks (Required for both EDU 5455 and EDU 5456:  Strategies for Teaching Learners with Special Needs (Eleventh Edition)

Authors: Edward A. Polloway, James R. Patton, Loretta Serna, and Jenevie Bailey

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