What is a mass extinction


Ecology and Hydrology Worksheet

Ecology, Water Use, and Water Pollution

Answer each of the following questions in 75 to 150 words:

Questions Answers

1. Explain how geology influences biodiversity in a specific region or environment, such as a mountainous region or a shallow sea environment.

2. What is a mass extinction? What information is available to support that an impact from an extraterrestrial object is responsible for the Late Cretaceous mass extinction?

3. How has human land use increased the magnitude and frequency of floods?

Flood plains have been desirable locations for industry and agriculture development due to the easy access to water. Explain the regulations that have been developed as a result of these types of water use.

4. Explain the relationship of surface water and ground water in the context of the hydrologic cycle.

5. Choose a type of water pollution and describe the potential hazards associated with it, as well as the sources of this type of pollution.



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