Difference between the intelligence of men and women


1. Write a 300-word essay about your opinion on women's role in history. For example: you can discuss the roles women have been historically associated with; introduce your favorite female historical figure.

You can also reflect on your own educational experiences: when you studied history in school, did you hear much about women's achievements in historical times or was it mostly men you studied about?

Do you think it would make a difference if children learned more about women who played an important role in history?

PLEASE do NOT attempt to cover all these questions. Pick 1 and offer a substantial, detailed analysis of that particular issue. If you choose to write about your favorite historical female figure, choose one you did not discuss in detail in the Discussion .

2. In your 300-word essay, you may wish to discuss questions, like:

Is there any discrimination (maybe hidden) that would discourage girls to pursue careers closely associated with sciences?

Are girls encouraged in school to do well in science classes or is it often assumed that boys would do better?

Is there any sign that some people would think that there is a difference between the intelligence of men and women?

Are there areas today where you think inequality in the education of girls and boys still exists? How are these cases justified?

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